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reprint 3d wall panels Revised 5-5-2020

CARBON SMART = Reducing  Operational  and  Embodied  Energy

Embodied Carbon Reduction With Natural, Responsible Carbon Sequestering Assemblies

Holzraum System Performance Envelopes 

Our envelopes are built with only wood-based materials allowing nature to deliver extremely high-tech benefits that synthetics just can't touch. 

Vapor Open Exterior Insulation

Wood fiber’s natural ability to store and release moisture and its' high vapor permeability of 20 perms allows the wall and roof assemblies to provide between 2x and 4x the drying capacity when compared to outside layers for typical plywood or OSB sheathed assemblies.

Health and Indoor Air Quality 

Indoor air quality starts with how the structure is built and what products were used to build it.  Holzraum System's use of only natural and fully breathable layers in our wall and roof assemblies insures that synthetic chemicals are not introduced into the structure and that unhealthy conditions like mold and rot won't develop during occupancy.


Thermal Storage Capacity

Compared with conventional insulation materials like glass wool or foam, wood fiber insulation comes with an especially high density. This creates a phase shift or delay in thermal transfer time through the fabric of the building so that the midday temperatures only reach the internal side when it's already cooler outside. 


Moisture Management | Hygric Buffering 

Holzraum wooden assemblies are hygroscopic, meaning they can absorb, store, and redistribute water -  acting as a moisture buffer. When the air is very dry, the materials will release moisture into the indoor air (by evaporation). Eliminating low permeability layers like foam insulation allows the movement of excess moisture through the envelope instead of trapping it within the wall or roof assemblies where it can cause problems like mold, rot, and reduced insulating capacity.

Carbon Sequestration = Carbon Smart

Building construction and operation represent a large portion of annual CO2 emissions. Unlike concrete, steel, and other synthetic materials which release large amounts of CO2 during production, wooden assemblies hold carbon in their structure, significantly reducing your project's embodied energy footprint while also reducing operational energy by employing passive house strategies.

Chain of Custody Material Sourcing - PEFC Certified

A critical requirement to delivering our envelope's extremely low carbon footprint is to ensure sustainable material sourcing.  All structural and non-structural framing elements in Holzraum System interior/exterior wall panels, roof panels and floor panels are manufactured using PEFC certified materials.

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