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A tool to help you leverage the power of S.I.M.M.

At Holzraum System, we believe in the power of our S.I.M.M. model to improve communication, collaboration, and coordination throughout your project: during design, fabrication, and installation. We have developed Holzraum Catch to help our project partners and clients get the most from their project SIMM models. The data is available via the cloud, with no software installation, at anytime, anywhere, using your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Holzraum Catch provides instant internet access to all parts-based project model content for takeoffs, parts lists & details, and project documents. Users can view, filter, sort and download tabular content for any of the parts and assemblies in our SIMM models for any project phase from ROM to production and beyond. We provide integrated project issue tracking, and dashboards for easy access to multiple projects and reports.

Please contact your Holzraum System Project Manager if you would like access to your project data using Holzraum Catch.

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