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Holzraum System Production Design

Successful Production Design for Offsite Home Manufacturing requires accurate and complete resolution of all of the parts and assemblies of the entire structural-thermal envelope and core.  A ready to go production model demands final decisions and approvals defining all geometry, instances and quantities for every piece of lumber, sheathing, insulation, fastener, connector, sealant, membrane and tape.  This level of detail and nuance is critical for a successful production of any finely crafted performance product.  It's true for any performance automobile, electronic device, or machinery.  The same goes for a custom high performance low carbon single family home. 


Holzraum System assures that all of the project's design perspectives are served and aligned and that they inform the production model.  In every sense of the word, the S.I.M.M. model enables us to translate the relationships between all of these design perspectives into a predictable and efficient factory production run.

Sound like a lot of work?  It is... and it definitely requires more upfront work, planning and decision making from all of the project team players including, owner, architect, engineers and builders.  So why do it?

Just like the process of developing a great product includes interpreting goals, assessing relationships and translating decisions into part geometry, developing a Holzraum System production model from the S.I.M.M. process requires these same steps and the results deliver amazing outcomes with some very worthwhile paybacks for that upfront work.

Identify and Eliminate Risks - Interpreting, accurately modeling and communicating every part in the building before breaking ground on site is the safest and most reliable way to assure predictability, discover errors and omissions, and reduce the risk bucket.

Evaluate Options - The richer the S.I.M.M. and the production model that it creates, the more opportunity to evaluate, compare, and select the best details and strategies with which to proceed.

Uncover Opportunities - Visualizing great architectural and structural details into accurate 3d assemblies within the context of the overall building and the accurate geometry of related building perspectives like MEP, concrete, and site and energy performance brings wonderful options to the surface - many that are considered unnecessary or difficult to explore during site-built design processes.  The offsite production requires this granular geometry - and inside the work of that exploration lies project magic.  That's what Holzraum System is all about.

Preserve Budget and Schedule - A successful production model can deliver the most predictable budget and schedule items of a construction project.  Holzraum System converts unknowns into knowns, and replaces ambiguities with repeatable, proven processes so that production runs and installations are on time and per contract price.

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