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Holzraum System's low carbon, high performance envelopes are manufactured in Blueprint Robotic's climate-controlled facility by their highly skilled workforce and state-of-the-art robotic technology.  Holzraum System translates custom building designs into ready to fabricate production packages - combining factory efficiency standards with passive house strategies and materials. Blueprint Robotics manufactures every assembly with incredible precision including all insulated exterior wall + window panels, interior wall panels, structural posts and beams, floor panels, and roof panels - resulting in a fully integrated and extremely high quality customized building system.

Pre-manufacturing of fully custom assemblies ensures very high quality of materials, joinery, and sealing. It reduces waste stream volume and mitigates weather and scheduling risks by shortening on-site build times. We partner with Blueprint Robotics Inc. to manufacture our Vapor-Open Holzraum System structural-thermal envelopes. For more information visit

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