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Holzraum System's low carbon, high performance envelopes are manufactured in Blueprint Robotic's climate-controlled facility by their highly skilled workforce and state-of-the-art robotic technology.  Holzraum System translates custom building designs into ready to fabricate production packages - combining factory efficiency standards with passive house strategies and materials. Blueprint Robotics manufactures every assembly with incredible precision including all insulated exterior wall + window panels, interior wall panels, structural posts and beams, floor panels, and roof panels - resulting in a fully integrated and extremely high quality customized building system.

Pre-manufacturing of fully custom assemblies ensures very high quality of materials, joinery, and sealing. It reduces waste stream volume and mitigates weather and scheduling risks by shortening on-site build times. We partner with Blueprint Robotics Inc. to manufacture our Vapor-Open Holzraum System structural-thermal envelopes. For more information visit


Holzraum System partners with highly skilled framing and timber framing professionals who have at least a decade of experience raising panelized and component-based buildings and who understand the precision, high quality materials and coordinated effort that has already been applied to every panel before they ever reach the site.

Extremely close attention to every structural perspective as well as all air and water control layer details is paid by both the designers creating the installation drawings and the installers assembling all of the sub-assemblies that comprise the complete building core and shell.

Upon completed installation of all wall, floor and roof panels, loose structural members, final insulation, and air sealing details, a pre-MEP penetration blower door test is performed to verify a passive house level of airtightness is being handed off to the builder responsible for completing the rest of the build.

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