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Our First HolzChat!

Please join us on May 14, 2020 at noon Eastern time for our first ever HolzChat webcast. Our first topic is "Demystifying Sustainable Forestry in North America". Join our guests Paul McKenzie and Pat Clark for a discussion on the ins and outs of forest management in the US and the myriad of wood product opportunities it provides. We will cover issues of sustainability, renewability, stewardship, forest certification and carbon in our forests.

We are super-excited to begin our webcasts! The HolzChat idea came from us recognizing how many super talented and passionate experts in the Low Carbon Wooden Design/Build realm from all over the country (and the globe really) that we have had the good fortune of connecting with during our journey so far. It's our way of focusing on some important topics, diving in through pre-recorded video conversations with guest speakers, and engaging with our live audience around their questions and feedback.

You can register for the free webcast here. Please join us!


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