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Please join us at NESEA BuildingEnergy Boston on May 7, 2021

Ilka Cassidy, Steve Hessler, Chris Hearl, Kyle Macht and Shannon Pendleton will present "The Glue That Binds PrePHab: How Designers & Builders SIMMplify Passive House".

The team focuses on the rapid installation and production benefits of prefabrication. The session emphasizes the coordinated up-front approach. This innovative approach capitalizes on production methods to support collaboration and clash detection while enabling the most complex architectural designs and geometries.

Two very different Certified Passive House projects will illustrate the journey. The projects, different dramatically in scope and aesthetics – traditional vs. modern – demonstrate the ease with which the approach can be transferred. Project architects and construction teammates will share how prefabrication and SIMM enable stakeholder voices to be heard, minimize risk, and support high-performance building, making low-carbon and Passive House results accessible to any owner, builder, or architect. You can learn more at this virtual NESEA conference here.


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