Holzraum System creates a Single Integrated Manufacturing Model combining structural, building fabric, energy performance, manufacturing and mechanical systems perspectives and aligns them with the project stakeholders' goals.


Holzraum System  works with architects, engineers, builders and developers and connects them with our manufacturing processes and efficiencies in order to provide building envelope analysis and consulting as needed, resulting in a complete integration of project design intent, passive house principals and cost-effective offsite manufacturing.  Holzraum System keeps the envelope design and planning process connected - always maintaining alignment between client, engineering and manufacturing perspectives. As we create a precise and comprehensive single 3D model of your structure, we apply our building science training and Wufi static and dynamic software tools. This eliminates thermal bridging, achieves superb air-tightness, and delivers highly vapor-open moisture profiles in our exterior wall and roof assemblies: eliminating risks of mold conditions and assembly decay and assuring the safest, healthiest indoor air quality possible.

When the S.I.M.M. is complete, a detailed set of geometry drawings is prepared and reviewed by the project's structural engineer, architect and builder to ensure the whole team agrees with design intent and fabrication strategies.  Once the drawings have been approved for fabrication, Holzraum System creates machine files and factory instructions from the S.I.M.M. to ensure that every aligned perspective is manifest in the delivered panels and loose parts.

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