Holzraum System staffs certified passive house consultants who can provide a customized level of energy modeling through full Phius +2018 building certification. Learn more about Passive House at

Holzraum System can work with owners, architects, engineers, developers and builders to provide building envelope analysis and consulting during early schematic brainstorming through complete design development and construction documents or at any points in between.  Combining Bim, Wufi Passive, Plus and Component software we can help your team eliminate thermal bridging, achieve superb air-tightness and continuous energy recovered ventilation strategies, manage moisture profiles to eliminate risks of mold conditions and assembly decay, and provide feedback on proper solar orientation, shading  and internal gains in order to balance and minimize heating and cooling equipment and operational requirements.


With the Company’s modeling tool set and design process we are able to visualize and analyze building assemblies and conditions in order to steer project designs towards these high-performance goals.  Extensive material, climate, and occupant behavior data libraries combined with client and design team input and real-life experience are brought to every analysis in order to create a system of components working together towards healthy and sustainable living and working.

Our PHIUS certifed Passive House Consultants are trained by Fraunhofer Institute in WUFI Static and dynamic hygrothermal analysis.  We rely on leaders from the building sciences and physics based in the U.S. and abroad to provide peer-reviewed analytic models, DOE-ready Net Zero ratings and PHIUS+ certifications.  

Hygrothermal Analysis comparing moisture transport through two wall assemblies over a defined study period.

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