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Holzraum System Prototyping Services evolved as a result of some exciting opportunities we have uncovered during our design intent to production workflows.  Early on we understood that affordability for custom projects comes from developing repeatable processes and details that can be applied to original and unique applications.  We are dedicated to this perpetual effort for all of our off-site manufacturing projects and have realized success every time we improve or generate a repeatable detail.

For clients with projects that include single or multiple models with repeatable builds , from small clusters of homes to larger developments and even plans for building these models at multiple sites, we have discovered ways to signicantly increase the design value of every Holzraum System hour spent.  By moving much of the production design budget, typically required per project, to the front end as prototyping budget the same overall design budget can fund deeper evaluation and strategy development. Here are some of the opportunities we've uncovered: 

Multi-Build Context

Design intent is interpreted with multiple sites, orientations and uses in mind from the beginning. Both current as well as future repeat applications of the manifest design intent are flushed out and implemented into the prototypes. With each new envelope build, required efforts for adaptation and accommodation for new site conditions and uses have been reduced by the original prototyping process. This reduces necessary design time and design changes required to get each new build ready for production.

Material, Assembly and Performance Analysis

As with our individual project S.I.M.M. process, prototyping considers energy modeling results, factory processing of wood product options, what is the most cost-effective use of assemblies, and how to optimize sequencing and installation.  However, During the prototype process these considerations are fine-tuned around the strengths of the developer, marketing strategy, builder and trades professionals. Prototyping budget considers multiple sites and scenarios but can remain flexible and adaptable for future builds. Repeatable builds benefit from developed prototype strategies but can be refined and built out for future builds and future development projects.

Nuanced Design Detailing - towards - Rapid Install Production Packages

Prototyping design budget enables in-depth development of specific and repeatable building systems intended to deliver Rapid Install Production Packages.  These can be applied not only to core and shell components but also to built-in casework and other finishes.  In a sense it is similar to planning, developing, re-tooling and launching a customized product or series for each of our clients.  The degree of prototyping desired by each customer may vary, but the benefit of replacing individual production design costs with some level of prototyping for multiple builds often offers significant paybacks.

Product Configuration & Adaptability

Allows reconfiguration of component assemblies, materials, and rapid install strategies to accommodate new sites and opportunities quickly and with little additional future design burden.

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